Juice Diets Can Help Shed Pounds

juice diet


If you are want to shed a few pounds and impact your health in a super positive way, perhaps you should learn more about juice diets and how detoxing can be an effective way to keep your weight regular and live a healthier life.

Juice fasting is when you take a period of time and dedicate it to only consuming freshly made juice and water in an attempt to cleanse your body of toxins.  As a byproduct of eliminating loads of sugar, processed foods, and other unhealthy foods, you can also lose some weight.  This sounds like a win-win situation, right?

1.How long is the typical juice fast?

Many people that commit to a juice fast do it for between one and 3 days.  If you want to fast any longer than this, you should consult your primary physician first.  If you are diabetic or have a major medical condition, please consult your physician before embarking on any fast.

Whether you juice for one, two, or three days, you should be pleased knowing that you are being proactive toward a healthy lifestyle and your internal organs and cells will thank you for it.  Fasting is not as difficult as you might think, but it does require persistence, dedication, some knowledge about juicing, and a good attitude.

2.How to perform a juice diet or fast

Before embarking on a fast, it is advised that you prepare your body for the fast a few days before you actually begin. You can do this by cutting out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and junk food at least 3 days before you begin the fast.  In addition to this, increase your consumption of raw fruits and vegetables so that your body can begin the process of detoxification.  As you take these actions to prepare for your juice fast, your transition should be smooth and withdrawal symptoms from caffeine or sugar should be less.

3.During your fast diet

When it comes time to begin your juice fast, be sure that you have an abundance of juice recipes so that you will have a variety of juices to drink.  Use both fruits and vegetables in your juice, as both are important for optimal health.  It is recommended that you drink up to 96 ounces of juice and 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.  Be sure that you juice an abundance of greens so that your body gets the wonderful nutrients of vegetables. As you add various fruits and vegetables together, you should be able to enjoy the taste of fresh, raw juice each day.

Space your drinks out throughout the day and shoot for one glass of juice every couple of hours.  Drink it slowly and really savor the taste of health going into your body.  In the evening, stop drinking two to three hours before bedtime so that you are not up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

4.Take advantage of juicing recipes

There are plenty of juicing recipes available for your juice diet.  Go ahead and make a list of your favorite and don’t be afraid to try new recipes.  Make a list of all sorts of fruits and vegetables to purchase at the store.  If you can purchase organic produce, feel free to do so, but if you cannot, simply rinse your produce off with a natural produce cleaner.  You might be able to find organic produce for reasonable costs at your local farmer’s market.

Once you start juicing, you will notice that you feel better. First, you have made a big leap toward taking care of yourself physically, which will help you to feel good mentally.  Second, your internal landscape will begin to change, as you will detox from toxins and impurities and gain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.  You will most likely come to love juicing!

5.How to break your fast

When it comes time to eat food again, break your fast gently with a small salad and perhaps some fruit.  Experts state that you should not break your fast with a large, hearty meal, as doing so can cause your digestive system to experience a shock and you could end up with some problems.  Ease back into eating small meals and snacks and do you best to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.  You will feel better, you will be healthier, and you will be carrying less waste and toxins in your body.

Juicing is the way to go for a healthy and happy body!