Treating High Blood Pressure and Gout

High blood pressure is more common in men than women, and many think this is due to environmental factors over the fact that a man is simply more susceptible to it. Gout is an extremely painful condition that seems to strike men almost exclusively despite the fact that a woman is just as likely to get it as a man. There are no magical cures for gout or high blood pressure, but you can help swing the odds in your favour by allying your medication, diet and exercise with a few home remedies.

High blood pressure in men

blood pressure
blood pressure
If you have high blood pressure, then you done to do more exercise, drink more water, and cut your food intake dramatically. Start with gentle exercise until you are able to maintain sustained workouts. This may not sound like good news, but you will be pleased to learn that salt (sodium chloride) is not as bad for your blood pressure as was once thought.

There is no magic potion or slimming pill that is going to make your blood pressure lower. You can only do it with proper diet and exercise. Part of your proper diet should contain certain herbs, as they help your body lose the weight and lower your blood pressure as you work to recover from your condition.

The herbs you should include in your diet are Cinnamon, Basil, Cardamom, celery seed, Garlic, Hawthorn, Cats claw and French lavender. Of all of these herbs, it appears to be Garlic that has the most diverse range of benefits, though that is not much help to the French, as they too still have very high rates of hypertension.

Remember that when you are exercising you are temporarily raising your blood pressure. This is a good thing and will help you in the long run, but it does present a few health risks. Make sure you take your exercises slowly and do not push yourself beyond your limit. Furthermore, drink plenty of fluids after exercising and try not to drink too many fluids an hour before your exercise. Cutting down on fatty foods is going to help, and do not trust lipid or fat blockers to help lower your blood pressure. They are not designed to remove the plaque from your arteries, nor are they able to isolate and remove the cholesterol in your blood that is giving you high blood pressure.

Getting rid of gout

It is almost impossible to completely get rid of gout, but there are some very nice medications out there as well as some nice home remedies. Apple cider vinegar with some honey stirred in is supposed to help if you drink it two or three times per day. It has an anti-inflammatory property that may help reduce the pain. Ginger root also has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

One slightly odd way of helping relieve and/or reduce gout is to have half a teaspoon of baking soda in water and drink it four times per day for around a month. Some people say that it helps their gout, but sadly, it is a bit of a trial in itself because baking soda is not a nice drink to have four times per day.

Soaking your foot in Epsom salt is said to help arthritis, and some say that it may help soothe a man’s gout. The idea that soaking your foot in water and Epsom salt helps to soothe gout in a man is probably an old-wives tale, but there is no harm in trying it to see.

Drink lots of lemon juice and have cherries every day. There is some very sketchy evidence showing that lemon juice may be helpful in removing gout, and there are some clear signs that eating a reasonable amount of cherries every day helps reduce got pain and may even reduce gout itself.

Some say that bananas help ease swelling and pain. This is partially true, but only when it comes to things like gout. Despite what you may read, it is not simply the fault of a banana’s magical potassium content that helps gout, but is actually more to do with the water flowing to and from your muscles. If you do decide to eat a banana or two every day to help your gout, then make sure you are well hydrated if you want to feel the full effects. Also, allow yourself to move your foot with gentle motions and give it a little exercise (without going too far).

Apples and raw carrots are good for helping stop gout progressing further, though you should also be avoiding certain foods if you are trying to ensure gout is not a problem.