Despite explaining a million people take steroids.  It is being sold illegally in every city town of India.  If you have taken or are taking steroids then you will have to do PCT.  PCT stands for Post Cycle Therapy, that is, a course of steroid therapy (cycling).  It works by reducing the side effects of steroid and bringing the body back to the natural form.
PCT If not PCT, the risk of getting impotent at times becomes even.  Remember that if you take safe manner and do PCT, then you can avoid the loss of steroid and if you do not do it then nothing will be left except regret.

Why PCT is important?
 In broad terms, any type of steroid, whether it is anabolic or androgenic, affects our body from within.  Our own body which makes sex and growth hormones, it stops them almost completely.  Men's testicles (testicles) shrink.  Steroids are hormones from outside that stall the hormonal system of the body in order to perform its function properly.  When this goes on for a long time, the body forgets to make hormones by itself.  PCT contains some drugs that boost the body's system.
 Nearly one month of PCT runs after every small and large steroid cycle.  By doing this and following other instructions, the body usually starts making growth hormones again.
PCT usually consists of two drugs (Clomide and Nolvadex).  Some people
 An injection in this also uses HCG.  By the way, use of HCG is considered good.  In India, clomide is found very easily.  If you want to find Nolvadex, it will be easier to search for it under the name of Tamoxifen Citrate rather than its brand name.  HCG injections of hucog hucog are readily available in India.  All three work to help get your body's hormone system back on track.
Name of steroid and day of starting PCT

 Anadrol:                                       24 hours after last dose

 Deca:                                             21 days after last injection

 Dianabol:                                      24 hours after last dose

 Equipoise:                                     21 days after last injection

 Fina:                                              3 days after last injection

 Primobolan depot:                        14 days after last injection

 Sustanon:                                      18 days after last injection

 Testosterone Cypionate:               18 days after last injection

 Testosterone Enanthate:               14 days after last injection

 Testosterone Propionate:               3 days after last injection

 Testosterone Suspension:             24 hours after last dose

 Winstrol:                                      24 hours after last dose

Clomid and Nolvadex to PCT

 PCT is done with both these drugs.  Only one of the two is required.  Some bicycles have high doses of steroids, some have less, but it is not too annoying.  PCT can be done by choosing any plan.

 PCT Plan 1 - After any kind of steroid course (cycle)
 clomide - 100mg daily for one week, 50mg daily for two weeks, 25mg daily for 1 week.
 or else
 Nolvadex - 40mg a week, 20mg twice a week, 10mg daily for 1 week.

 PCT Plan 2 - After a low dose cycle
 Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)
 Week 1: 20mg / day
 Week 2: 20mg / day
 Week 3: 10mg / day
 Week 4: 10 mg / day
 or else
 Clomide (Clomiphene Citrate)
 Week 1: 50mg / day
 Week 2: 50mg / day
 Week 3: 25mg / day
 Week 4: 25mg / day

 PCT Plan 3- After Medium Dose Cycle
 Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) PCT
 Week 1: 30mg / day
 Week 2: 20mg / day
 Week 3: 20mg / day
 Week 4: 10 mg / day
 or else
 Clomide (Clomiphene Citrate) PCT
Week 1: 75mg / day
 Week 2: 50mg / day
 Week 3: 50mg / day
 Week 4: 25mg / day

PCT Plan 4 - After Heavy Cycles
 Clomide (Clomiphene Citrate) PCT
 Week 1: 150mg a day three times a day 50, 50, 50mg
 Week 2: 150mg a day three times a day 50, 50, 50mg
 Week 3: 100mg a day 50 twice a day, 50 mg
 Week 4: 100mg a day 50 twice a day, 50mg
 Week 5: 50mg a day once a day