Obesity Causes and Symptoms


In the present time Obesity may be very not unusual trouble in all over the world. People are busy of their paintings all day and spend time watching cellular and TV in it. Due to which the exercising of the frame isn't viable and energy are not decreased and weight problems begins increasing. This obesity slowly starts off evolved to worsen our recurring. Nowadays, weight problems are being seen even among younger children. New disease begins getting into the body because of growing weight problems. If someone does not lose energy in his frame, then weight problems starts to increase on its own. Obesity does not get properly inside the frame even if obesity starts off evolved. When more obese, the work efficiency of the person slows down. Being below more strain also results in obesity. Obesity could be very serious trouble for the frame.

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obesity causes
obesity causes

  1. The purpose of obesity is genetic in a few people.                                                                             Example - If the dad and mom are overweight then their toddler additionally remains obese.
  2. There is a lot of hormonal trade in the pregnancy time of women due to which weight problems increases.
  3. In menstruation, menstruation stops forever, then obesity starts to boom because of this.
  4. Obesity additionally results in weight problems because of lack of right nutritious meals.
  5. Due to eating more oily food and fast foodweight problems starts off evolved
  6. Over-smoking causes weight problems.
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  • Joint pain
  • Not getting sufficient sleep
  • High blood strain.
  • Having diabetes disorder.
  • Having issues with recurring tasks.
  • Having arthritis trouble.
  • To be tired
  • Having a thyroid problem.


  • For the treatment of weight problems, the doctor first indicates to change the food routine in order that the stability of the frame is maintained. Doctor 2nd thought is to do exercising, yoga regularly. If no change is seen via the physician, then other remedies determine to do surgical procedure.
  • Before the surgical procedure, the health practitioner examines the individual's B.M.I. BMI levels range to look how much it is, if it's miles 35 -40 stages then simplest do surgical procedure. Otherwise, do now not do surgical treatment if less.
  • With the examination of BMI, the person's blood and white blood, haemoglobin, E.C.G Heart Function also are examined and after taking a majority of these tests, they take a decision.
  • High blood stress patients do now not rush bariatric surgical operation doctors due to the fact their BMI degree is lower than Range 35. Sometimes doctors advocate taking surgery via taking risks.
  • In bariatric surgical procedure, the doctor gets rid of or binds the upper part of the belly so that the meals is going into the food sac in small quantities, so that there can be no complaint of weight problems.

obesity causes
obesity causes

FAT LOSS:- Breakfast | Lunch Dinner Snacks  
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  • To avoid weight problems, do no longer devour more sweet and bloodless things. For example, do now not consume ice cream, bloodless liquor, sugar, use honey in place of sugar, and keep away from eating fast-food , on the way to not increase weight problems.
  • In order to maintain the balance of the frameconsume much less foodmeaning a nutritious diet, for you to provide protein and fat in the frame and will not purpose obesity.
  • Exercise yoga daily in the morning and evening, with a purpose to no longer growth weight problems.
  • One have to sleep eight to seven hours day by day due to the fact frame fat is reduced by means of getting right sleep. There is not any obesity.

The Weight Loss home Remedies for Obesity

  • Green tea is most useful for lowering obesity. Drinking inexperienced tea reduces weight problems.
  • Add honey to lemon juice and heat it after blending and then eat it.
  • Drink apple vinegar blended with honey, which reduces body fats.
  • Use black pepper in tea and salad. Consumption of black pepper could be very useful for lowering weight problems.
  • Take 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and warmth it via adding half lemon juice and then consume it.

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