4 Week Plan Of Keto/Ketoginic Diet


First of all you have to understand that Keto Diet Plan is a special kind of diet plan.  The amount of carbohydrates in the Keto diet plan is very less.  High fat is also consumed in Best Keto Diet Plan.

Everyone wants to know about the best keto diet plan to lose weight.  Keto diet plan is also known as Ketogenic diet.  Healthy life requires a healthy diet plan.  In recent years, obesity has become the biggest problem for the world.  People suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack and bone diseases due to obesity.  Many types of diet plans are in vogue to overcome obesity.  But Keto Diet Plan is considered to be the most effective in reducing weight.  For those who are beginning to lose weight, information about Best Keto Diet Plan is very important.

4 week plan of keto diet:
 A four-week Indian keto diet plan to lose weight.  Serial: The following is from 1 week to 4 weeks.
 From the below given foods, you can eat different foods one by one throughout the week.

Cheese Dumpling
 1. First week of keto diet: -
·         Cheese Dumplings (fried in peanut oil or coconut oil)
·         Cheese with egg omelette cheese (baked in olive oil and butter)
·         Cheese, egg bhurji and more capsicum (cooked in olive oil and butter)

Lunch :-
·         You can have a normal salad (fried in spinach, capsicum, mushrooms, olive oil and butter, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with eggs and sometimes just with a large amount of vegetable and cheese).
·         Cream of spinach soup with fried mushrooms or broccoli.
·         Sol kadhi and Baked French Beans with cheese.

     Baked Bean

·         Baked Beans with Cheese and Cream
·         Lemon Chicken Marmalade
·         Fried Cheese Dumplings
·         Fry Mutton with spices of your choice
·         Cauliflower salad or cauliflower with thorn coconut (vegetable made like Kerala)
 2. Second week of keto diet:-

boiled chicken
 In the second week, you start taking coconut oil, cream and butter mixture.  This is a bit difficult, but if you want to lose weight, then it has to be eaten.  You can also mix it in your tea or decoction.  Apart from this, spices can also be used in it according to your taste.  Avoid Chani.  Instead, use sugar-free Kritim Sweet.  This will help you reduce fat.  You can call this mixture Bullet Coffee.

·         Bullet Coffee (with coffee or tea, coconut oil, cream and butter)

·         Common salads (fried in spinach, capsicum, mushrooms, olive oil and butter, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with eggs and sometimes just vegetable, with an overdose of cheese).
·         Spicy, Fried Paneer Dumplings
·         Red gram salad
·         lemon chicken
·         Soybean curry
·         Fried bhindi with peanuts (made in maharashtrian style)
·         Cheese dish and fried French beans
·         Cauliflower, cooked in coconut milk and coconut oil.
·         Cream of mushroom
·         boiled chicken
·         Cheese Dumplings

 3. Third week of keto diet plan:-
 As you move towards the next week.  Keto diet becomes difficult for you.  The third week is called the fasting state or fasting phase.  So in the third week you will have breakfast early in the morning and in the afternoon you will not have to eat anything and in this way you will have more fat foods at dinner after a fast of 12 hours.  This fast is called intermittent fasting.

·         Bullet coffee

·         In the afternoon, drink water little by little and take green tea or chilli with lemonade without sugar.

·         6 to 8 almonds soaked in water daily throughout this week
·         Take chicken in pasta sauce with cheese and spinach (fried in olive oil)
·         Cheese Chilli
·         Roasted Chicken, Spinach and Cheese with Salad
·         Spinach egg omelette with a large amount of cottage cheese
 4. Fourth week of keto diet plan:-
 The fourth week of a keto diet is very difficult.  In this week, you only have to eat at night.  During fasting throughout the day you can have green tea and lemonade (salt and chilli) without sugar.  Also, drink more and more water.  If you are finding it very difficult to fast, then you can go back to the diet of the second week and start again from there.

·         Black Tea / Lemon Tea / Peach Tea (without sugar)
·         black coffee
·         Green Tea (without sugar)
·         Lemonade (without sugar)
·         Drink more water
·         Fried green beans with coconut and peanuts
·         Shejwan chicken
·         Spinach cooked in cheese, cream and milk
·         Fried Vegetables
·         boiled chicken
·         Thai Chicken
·         lemon chicken
·         Capsicum, Spinach and Fried Cheese
·         Almond flour cake
 NOTE:- Here you are given information about Indian Kitogenic diet, but you should know how difficult it is to adopt. If you too were looking for Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss, then hopefully you may have liked this article.  Apart from these food also, if you want to know keto diet for weight loss, then you can tell us through the message.