2nd MEAL FOR FAT LOSS (lunch)
                           High protein diet Meal


when we are strict in fitness goal then it very important to take right meal even  for a healthy lifestyle healthy meals always play key role. Now today we talk about Lunch during Fat loss programme. We always remember two thing during this goal first is caloric deficit and 2nd is most important to remember is always take high protein low carbs meal, similarly with this Macro balance we always remember micros mean healthy nutrients it is most important to provide the body with all Micros (nutrients) required for better perform the body organs that occur while body on rest mode (Sleep). Balance in MACRO AND MICROS is essential for muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis, and the release of growth hormones etc.
There are two types of person non-vegetarian and vegetarian for the non vegetarian I highly recommend meat base lunch in meat base lunch we have strong option of lean protein which is very most effective for fast fat loss. I have also options of vegetarian protein base meal. In my diet plan I will give you best options of meal which are balance in MACRO AND MICRO.




       Try to cook food at home, chicken noodle vegetable soup is one of the best option of balance lunch option which is highly lean protein based lunch option. This soup is easy, ready in 30 minutes .
·         Olive oil      =  2 tablespoon
·         Bay leaves =  some pieces 
·         Chopped  =  1 cup carrots
·         Onion        =  1 cup
·         Egg noodles = 8 ounce
·         Shredded cooked chicken = 2 cup
·         Salt            = depend on taste
How to cook:- Heat olive oil on medium heat , add the carrots and onion cocked for 7 minutes add water and chicken boil for 10 to 15 minutes then add egg noodles then boil the mixture for 15 minute more or until noodles are soft and cooked through.

2.       Whole wheat veggie wraps:- 
Whole wheat veggie wraps:
Whole wheat veggie wraps:

      It is one the best option during fat loss goal under caloric deficit, it is also balanced protein and carbs ratio. Whole wheat veggie wraps also give lots of nutrients. It take only 10 minutes to prepare    

  •  10-inch whole-wheat tortilla    = 1 piece
  • Hummus                                    = 2 Tablespoons
  • Avocado mashed                       =  half
  • Sliced fresh vegetables of your choice = 1 cup
  • Shredded sharp Cheddar cheese= 2 tablespoons

How to prepare:-
Lay tortilla on work surface. Spread hummus and avocado on the tortilla. Add veggies and Cheddar and roll up. Cut in half before serving

3.   Lemon chicken and veggies:-
lemon chicken
lemon chicken

      As we discussed about high protein diet so the chicken is best option for this. Lemon chicken and veggies are one the delicious and healthy lunch option.


·     Lemon-pepper seasoning
·     Skinless chicken breast
·     Lemon juice
·     Shredded carrots
·     Fresh spinach

4.   Tofu:-


    It is the superb option for vegetarian, it is high protein diet option in lunch we can take it raw with salad , we can also cook it with different options some of options ore under below
·     Crunchy veg with smoked tofu
·     Chilli tofu
·     Stir fried toufu
·     Tofu fried rice
·     Kimchi baked tofu


5.   Boiled chicken with Raw vegetable:-
boiled chicken
boiled chicken

     It is one of the easiest and post favourable diet option in this option we just take 250 g chicken breast and boiled it. On the other side we can take different types of raw vegetables as a salad like cabbage, carrot, cucumber, radish, red onion etc .Just serve in plate and it is ready to take.


6.   One of the another option for vegetarian people is whey protein supplement as I discuses many time to take a proper ratio of protein whey protein is one the best option to maintain over ratio of high protein diet with some calories, so we cant add this in our meal.